How to Choose Between Two Job Offers?

Anyone who has a choice between several job offers is usually faced with the question: Which is the right job for me? How to choose between two job offers?

There is no single solution for this case, but there are some tips. How big the influence of your gut feeling should be is up to you.

Weigh Personal Goals

One thing is clear, there is no single method to approach this. Decisions and the criteria for them are always subjective. Job satisfaction is the prime decision making factor for most of us. In this kind of situation, the best practice is you ask yourself what personal goals you actually have.

Is it about personal development or learning a new skill, is it about money or status?

Look into Your Future

In addition, the company’s values and culture could play an important role in the decision-making process. Especially when you take on your first job, the question of the boss is also very important. 

In the further course of your career, he is the one who decides how successful you can be and how much you can learn. Keep a note of what exactly the boss asks you during the interview and the way a person ask questions explains a lot about that person. The final question is how can you progress further by choosing that specific career path. Don’t let the salary blind you.

Listing Pros and Cons Can Be Helpful. 

Create a personal list of criteria that is valid for all jobs. Make an assessment with pros and cons per criteria and per job and evaluate the result. You should make this first decision then check again emotionally.

Follow Your Intuition

How important is our gut feeling when choosing a job? I would say it is very important. Even if rational decision-making models are helpful, they would practically never lead to solutions. A job can appear particularly attractive because it looks safe. But if the heart beats for more risk, one should ask oneself whether it is worth being brave in this case.

Take Ample Time

Seeking advice, analysing the pros and cons, making decisions – all of this takes time. But you shouldn’t take too much of it. And in any case, openness towards the potential employer is required. A period of one to two weeks is considered normal, but every employer is different. Some employers really have the pressure to make decisions. As an applicant, you should ask about that. This automatically results in a period of reflection that is meaningful for everyone involved. However, delaying’ is not acceptable.

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