Isn’t it Time To Update Your LinkedIn Profile?

How to update LinkedIn Profile in 2022

Given that LinkedIn profiles are the most viewed page on LinkedIn, and your profile page really is the starting point for any professional to assert and create their own professional brand, you should check your LinkedIn profile regularly in order to see How to update LinkedIn Profile in 2022

Because of this, it is a best practice to check your presence regularly and focus on updating the elements that give your presence a refreshing new look with each season.

With that in mind, here are the top areas to focus on in order to update your LinkedIn profile to impact the world’s largest professional network – all within an hour! Let’s find out how to update LinkedIn Profile in 2022

Choose a new background cover photo

One of the most common mistakes newbies make to LinkedIn is not personalizing the background cover photo. While LinkedIn offers a standard photo, placing your own work-related photo in the background will help you stand out from the crowd and may generate more interest in your profile.

In trying to pick a new photo, avoid a photo of a person, a crowded room, or a trip you took last year. Instead, choose a photo that is relevant to your industry or brand. For example, if you’re a graphic designer, use an image you designed. If you are a writer, a photo of your computer and mouse will do. A company-provided brand image or even a landscape for the city you live in are safe choices. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s clean, clear, and LinkedIn-ready.

Upload a new profile picture

Just as you would be upset upon visiting a dating site and connecting with someone only to find that the picture is out of date or intentionally inaccurate, potential employers and LinkedIn connections won’t look friendly when they see out of date pictures. Irrelevant or unambiguously held to a company or an industry in which you no longer operate.

Anytime you change something important about yourself – your hair, weight, facial hair, your career – take a moment to jump on LinkedIn and update your profile photo. It’s a small change, but it can make a huge difference.

Rewrite your job title

Your professional headline is one of the first things a person sees when they look at your LinkedIn Page. It serves as a brief piece of information and it can literally be the reason someone clicks your name or not.

Understandably, you should make sure that your professional headline is current, accurate, and appropriate, and reflects the reason you are on LinkedIn.

If you currently work as a freelance video editor and want to take on clients, say so in your headline. If you don’t want to take on customers but would like to connect with others in your industry, that can be in your headline too. Essentially, your headline should communicate who you are, how you can help others, and what branding you are working on.

Do you offer job search services or do you hire for specific job titles?

The reasons for using LinkedIn are many and you can now see your main purpose behind using the website. On your profile you can now see whether you are providing a service, looking for a job or hiring yourself. It does this through what LinkedIn calls your Showcase Services module.

While this doesn’t seem like an important or innovative section of your page, it can give you a good idea about why you’re using the site and what you’re looking to achieve with your time. This allows you to make connections for mutual benefit: if you’re looking for hire and someone who wants to be hired sees you listed, they’re more likely to look for you.

Revise your keywords

Here is an easy exercise for you: determine the keywords you want to be found for and see how often those keywords can be found on your LinkedIn profile by searching for them in your browser window ( Ctrl + f for windows or cmd + f for Mac )

If you currently don’t have any keywords on your LinkedIn Page, take a moment to troubleshoot this error. Keywords are used to make your name stand out in search results. So make sure you have plenty of keywords to show who you are, what your industry is and what you care about. Keywords can be placed in several places on your profile, from your heading to your section about me. By placing them on your profile, you increase your chances of appearing organically in search results for more (and better) connections.

Validate your skills

Just as the Skills section of your resume shows potential employers what you can do and what you are capable of, the Skills section of your LinkedIn shows what your strengths are and why you stand out in your industry. Ignoring the Knowledge section not only makes you less likely to appear in search results but also makes it harder to determine why you would be making a good connection. You can borrow your skills from the list of keywords you created in the previous step or view the general ones provided by LinkedIn. Either way, make sure that your profile is actually complete by placing lots of talents and skills in this part of your profile.

Once you have your preferred list of skills make sure to arrange them so that your top 3 are “pinned” in the appropriate box. This will give the top 3 the greatest endorsement and help you stand out in search results.

Find new people to connect with

When created your LinkedIn account, you connected to all of the people you knew back then, right? But how many moons has that been?

The best way to do this is to make sure you have your contacts synced with your Page, to make sure all of your existing contacts are connected to you, and to regularly check for new clients, co-workers, or co-workers, also both those recommended by LinkedIn and those that you find through targeted searches. 

Keeping your network up to date is one of the best ways to expand your online network, and it gives you a lot more options and new faces than just standing by and hoping for something new that comes from connecting with a stranger.

Online networks are a powerful tool, but they only deliver what you put into it. Just as you need to regularly update your list of skills, experiences, job titles, and activities, you should update your contacts regularly, be it through recommendations from people with coworkers, with your phone number contacts, or with contacts about the business lunch you had over the weekend.

Ask for new recommendations

Referrals are critical to providing new connections, potential employers, and any future employment opportunities, to see how successful you are in your field and how valuable your time is. If you already have recommendations on your website, great! It may be time to ask for more. For example, if you have a recommendation from a previous manager for a position that you left six years ago, you want to make sure that you are providing current and relevant work.

For new referrals, reach out to former and current supervisors, team leaders or other people who have worked with you in a managerial position – even if that managerial position only lasted a few weeks. That way, you can keep getting positive recommendations and get your page on the top.

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