How To Ace Your Interview?

There are many ways to secure an interview with the company you admire. Some cases might be with the help of a top job consultancy in the UAE. In some cases that can be through a reference or a job board. Once that phase has been passed your next step is to make the most out of that interview. Understandably, you’re feeling a mixture of nerves and excitement. Here are 10 tips to keep in mind as you prepare for your interview. Here are our tops interview tips.

Plan Ahead

The first and foremost interview tip is to plan your route carefully and allow for delays and traffic jams. We recommend you to look up the location on Google maps.

If you are driving check for nearby parking while you’re commuting. Plan to get to the interview venue 15 minutes before the time of the interview, so you’re comfortable.

Save your office number to your cell phone so that you can quickly reach it if you’re running late so that you can tell them. If you have their email address, please type it in your cell phone so that you can email it if you can’t get a hold of it by phone. When you’re driving a car that’s not in the best condition in the park, not in front of the office where it can be seen. You can even rest and plan without being watched while being out of sight.

When you’re too late:

  • Apologize. If you have been able to reschedule, you should apologise for being late in the first instance. Be honest and professional in your apologies, seek a balance between expressing too much and saying too little.
  • Keep your message straight and short. Don’t go into too much detail about why you’re late-give details, not excuses.
  • Have a fair explanation for that. Not all of the excuses for being late would be deemed valid by interviewers. Generally, acts outside your control would be viewed with greater compassion than those within your power.
  • Daily traffic problems are no legitimate reasons. You’re supposed to know what traffic is like near the site of your interview.
  • Major transportation failures, whether public or personal, can be recognised as legitimate factors causing delays.
  • A genuine emergency, personal or private, can also be an appropriate excuse to be late.
  • If you have made contact and apologised, you can let your contact know precisely when you plan to arrive. By understanding when you plan to arrive and inform your contact, you will all work together to find out what the next step will be. You may be allowed to reschedule your interview.
  • Keep cool and optimistic about this. Being late for your interview can be frustrating, and stress can cause you to perform poorly during your interview.Base your thoughts on how well qualified you are to the role and how well prepared you are for the interview.

That goes without saying. From the very first meeting, you’ve had with the recruiter, to the welcoming of the receptionist, to some sort of polite banter in the elevator. No matter how nice you are – people just hire people they want! So be likeable.

The Purpose of The Interview

You were invited to the interview because you appear to have the expertise and the credentials on paper. The discussion will be about clarifying that you have the technological capabilities you need to do and learn the work. However, 80% of this is in your attitude and how you communicate with the people you encounter. This is the main objective of the interview. Well, few like to collaborate with an unfriendly guy.

Make a Good First Impression

You may not be a sales guy, but on the day of the interview, you are… You’re going to sell yourself. From the moment you step in the house, the pressure is on you, you have to make a stellar first impression. Appropriately dress up for the interview – your accessories are a message about yourself. The interviewer wants to be able to imagine you in a position. A firm handshake, eye contact, and a warm smile are also going a long way.

Do Your Homework

Spend time learning about the company’s past and the job you’re being interviewed for. There is a lack of planning and information that indicates disinterest. You want to ask questions that prove you did your homework.

  • Can you tell me the structure of the current team?
  • What would be a typical day in this role?
  • Why is that position currently available?
  • What did you love most about working here?
  • What’s the next move in the process?
  • You can’t convince them that you’re what they need if you don’t know them.

Know Your CV

Having to refer to your CV for or worse, the interviewer reminding you about information is unimpressive. You should know the dates of your employment and the dates of completion of each of the qualifications listed.

Check the cover letter and the CV you sent. Be prepared to extend your CV to the position you have applied for – get acquainted with what is expected of you. Please provide you with a copy of your resume and any other required documents. More than likely, they’ll have a copy ready, but some interviewers will be pulled in at the last minute – they’ll certainly notice the forethought. Be sure to use a formatted CV. You can use our free CV builder to create a formatted CV.

Know What Makes You a Great Fit

Exactly know what makes your function suit perfectly. Keep in mind that it’s not all about you, identify and understand their needs/pain. When competing with other eligible candidates, this will make an immense change. Remember, they are running the meeting – you engage, but at the end of the day, this is their show. You need to demonstrate that you know your time and place.

Don’t Be Negative

Do not complain about your previous boss or colleagues.

  • The interviewer will see this as a reflection of how you will speak about them in the future.
  • It makes you look like a whinger, and no one wants to hire someone with a negative attitude, no matter how good your CV is.
  • Industry professionals run in the same circles, if you’re job-seeking within the same industry, chances are that your potential employer knows your former employer.
  • Don’t say something you’ll regret!
  • Don’t assume you can ‘wing it’ on interview day – practice!

Be Professional

You should remain professional during the interview no matter how casual the office atmosphere is. The company might have jeans and T-shirt culture, but you are still there for an interview and need to make the right impression. If you dress professionally and present yourself well, the interviewer is more likely to see you as competent and capable of doing the job.

Finish Strong

At the end of the interview, reiterate your interest in the position and thank the interviewer/s for their time – thanking them by name will add a personal touch, which will leave a good impression. Don’t forget to thank the receptionist who greeted you on arrival on your way out too!

You could also write a thank you email to the interviewer/s within 24-48 hours of the interview as a follow-up.

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