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We know that pursuing a career without experience is overwhelming. This always acts as a hindering factor to secure a good start to your career, particularly for students and recent graduates. In this regard, we give internships to students and new graduates to help them gain experience and pave their way for a better career. Our wide network with leading companies helps us to provide internships across the UAE.

Cover Letter Writing Assistance

Most of us may not be even aware that there is a general structure with a specific format and font size for making a CV. Here at Job Cracker, we help our candidates to professionally tailor their CV. A resume always gives the first impression to the employer, we are aware of it so we got you covered.

Resume / CV Builder

Our website is equipped with a free CV builder which will help you to revamp your resume for a better professional presentation. You can utilize this service by simply creating an account and filling out the necessary details.

Mock Interview

We may not be aware of our interview skills from an employer’s perspective. Here at Job Cracker, we provide mock interviews not only to assess the candidate but also to help them to improve their skills in order to crack their way through their next job interview. We address every aspect from the attire to the responses of our candidate.

Soft Skill Assessment.

In order to improve our candidate’s soft skills, we provide evaluations and remarks. In a working environment, we all know that soft skills are key. Our team will help you to get familiar with a work environment, by guiding you to utilize your soft skills to the maximum potential. It is always good to learn and improve your skills so we are certain that this could help you throughout your career.