7 Tips For Your Next Online Interview

Here are our 7 Tips for your Online Interview.

1) The Lighting Makes The Difference

Looking professional in front of the camera is almost as important as it sounds. Pick the brightest room/area in your home and make sure the light is directed straight at you. In other words: do not sit with your back to the window, otherwise, the other person will only see a blurred outline of your face.

Your room doesn’t have enough windows – no problem! Just put some lamps around you to brighten up the room.

Record a trial video beforehand to see how you will look on the video.

2) What Should You Wear?

Online interviews are tempting because you can literally wear your sweatpants or flip-flops around the bottom and only have to dress up “on top”

Nevertheless, I advise you to dress as you would for a “real” job interview because it helps you mentally – in spite of private and casual surroundings – to bring yourself into a business attitude. 

Your complete outfit should be chosen wisely. Perhaps you also have a “power colour” that you like to wear and that looks particularly good on you? But avoid bright or cluttered patterns. After all, you want the focus to be on you, not what you are wearing.

3) Be Enthusiastic.

The hardest thing about a video call is that the other person cannot perceive your energy, so you have to make sure that you convey these emotions through the camera.

First of all, smile. Ask specific questions that demonstrate your interest in and knowledge of the company. Questions about work culture, professional expectations, career development opportunities, and goals for the team are a good place to start. 

For example: “What should my priorities focus on in the first 30, 60 and 90 days?” And: “Based on my research, I have found that your company is passionate about investing in employees and promoting them. Can you tell me more about the training and mentoring opportunities available? “

Practising eye contact is also important, but it is difficult as you will be looking at the screen. To create a sense of eye contact, look at the camera rather than the interviewer’s face while speaking. If this feels unnatural, move your gaze back and forth between the screen and the camera from time to time.

Here’s another tip: good body language always exudes self-confidence during a conversation. So sit up straight, Don’t fidget your legs. So your body also fits well into the camera cutout.

4) Pay Attention To Your Background

Even if it sounds obvious … check what can be seen of your background and clean up! If, due to lack of space, you can only conduct the interview in the bedroom, make sure that you do not give away too much information about your room.

No possibility to hide the unsightly or too private? You can buy a professional background screen for as little as 20 AED. An investment that can really be very worthwhile. The video conference tool zoom offers the possibility of a virtual background.

5) Reduce Interference To a Minimum

Even the slightest distraction can mess up the whole conversation. So you have to get rid of them beforehand.

Make sure there are no pets, babies, or roommates around. Turn off the TV and your phone. And if you are interrupted by a car alarm or something that is beyond your control, say, “Sorry,” wait a few seconds for the noise to subside, then resume the conversation immediately. 

6) Be Prepared

Write down your interview questions in a notebook that you have next to you.

You should also take notes during the conversation, but first, ask the person you’re talking to if it’s okay so they know why you might want to pause and look down.

Also, have a hard copy of your résumé handy and use it as a “cheat sheet” to explain your work in detail. Write some additional notes on your resume. These can be examples of what I call “hero stories” – situations that emphasize your experience as an assistant and problem solver.

7) Test Your Devices

Here is the most important piece of advice I can give you. In any case, test your devices before the online interview – and then it is best to test it again.

Headphones or microphones can help improve the quality of the sound if this is a problem.

Trust me, the phrase “I couldn’t get my video camera working” as an excuse to be late for the conversation never goes over well. It’s better to come for the conversation 10 minutes early to give yourself enough time to set everything up and to make sure your webcam and sound are ready to use.

Be sure to ask the person you are talking to in advance for a number in the event that the WLAN fails or the connection is disconnected.

Believe me, that too can and will happen. Nevertheless, stay relaxed – the other person has probably had some similar hiccups and knows how uncomfortable it can be.

In such a difficult/unfortunate situation it is important that you show how you deal with it. With your reaction, you are already showcasing your problem-solving skills.

Remember these 7 essential tips for your next online interview. Stay confident !! Break a leg!!

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